Admission Requirements

Students seeking to attend Quiroga College must fulfill the following required minimum qualifications for admission to the College.

  1. Provide proof of applicant’s completion of high school or achievement of GED. 
  2. Complete the Quiroga College application for admission and all related forms.
  3. Submit the application fee.
  4. Complete an interview with a Quiroga academic advisor.

Students who have completed high school or its equivalent, or have earned a minimum of 24 transferable semester credit hours from other Institutes, must submit one of the following documents:

    1. Official High School transcript, (distance High School must be accredited by a regional association).
    2. Official transcript of the General Educational Development (GED) Test (Distance GED is not acceptable).
    3. Proof of completion of equivalent high school work in a foreign country.
    4. For transfer, an official transcript from a qualified undergraduate institution showing at least 24 transferable semester credit hours. 

In addition to the above required minimum qualifications, applicants are also encouraged to submit the following additional optional materials for the College’s consideration.

      1. Information pertaining to the student’s class rank and grade point average.
      2. Any standardized test results such as the SAT or ACT.
      3. A statement containing information related to the student’s extracurricular activities.
      4. Information related to work experience and other significant life experiences.
      5. Recommendations from non-family members, such as clergy, teachers, employers.
      6. Essays concerning some College-determined subject matter.  
      7. A personal statement about student aspirations or other reasons for attending Quiroga College.  
      8. Quiroga will consider the above optional materials in addition to the required qualifications as listed above.  All admission decisions are within the sole discretion of Quiroga College. 

If the applicant cannot submit official documents by the time of registration, conditional admission to the College may be offered. A student who has been offered conditional admission may study at the College a maximum of one semester, until the required documentation is received by the Admission Office.



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