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Individuals. Weather you join us for the history, the architecture, or the spiritual experience, you won’t be disappointed. Groups big or small whatever your party size, our friendly guides will create a tour personalized for you and your guests.

General objective

To bring each visitor into a place where he or she may discover new heights of beauty and explore the sacred in an enjoyable and memorable day trip.


Your tour can be a half-day or a full day


Youth (ages 17 and below) $20

Adults (ages 18-65) $35

Seniors (ages 65 and up) $30

Seasonal Catholic Schools discounts may apply. We encourage schools with a majority of under privileged youth to talk with us.


We can weave in lessons on a variety of topics. Our guides are architects and others who enjoy sharing their expert and passion. Your guide will meet at the first church and stay with you throughout the entire tour. He/she provides art, history and architecture explanations, time for photos or silent worship.

Enrollment options of groups

It´s easy to set up. Here is what we need to know.

-Group name, address and leader contact info.

-Approximate numbers of participant expected

-The date(s) that will work for your fill trip(s)

-The time you will leave your location and when you want to return.

-Your lunch preference. Lunch is paid on your own, but you can eat at a nearby restaurant, or BYO-lunch to eat at the park, in-route, or at a Church hall for a small fee.


Catholic Church Tours provides access to over 100 different Catholic Churches and related destinations, including Roman and Byzantine rite cathedrals, basilicas, churches and shrines.


-Explore several destinations, enjoy and evening tour and lecture. Or jump in one of a series.

-Please visit our Schedule at

-Request a costum-made.

-We’ll take cara of a Schedule, and many other accommodations to ensure you have the best experience possible.


More information

Deisy Neri

Quiroga College

(773) 523 2440


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