Electrical Fundamentals

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This class will investigate the basics how electricity flows throughout a residential structure, from the point where the utility company connects the house, to the final outlet and switch. We will investigate the necessary circuits to feed the lights and general-purpose outlets in a home.

Switching three-way switching and the circuiting of special loads (Central AC, Ovens, Electric Dryers, etc) will also be studied.

General Objective

Upon completion of this class, the student should understand how electricity flows through a home. They should understand how switched circuits work, as well as three-way switched circuit. A student should fundamentally understand how to choose the proper components to power special load such as a dryer, oven or central AC unit.


The course will take place at Quiroga College. 2114W 22nd PI, Chicago, IL 60608. At the end of the course, the students will receive a Certificate from Quiroga College.


Duration: 4 weeks




Lectures and practical examples

Class Dynamics

Four basic components of a circuit


Circuits that feed outlets

Circuits that feed switches

Connecting circuits to the circuits breaker panel

Switching, 1-pole, 3-way. 4-way, contactors

Single-phase services

How to work safely in the electrical environment

At the end of the course

Students will receive a certificate from Quiroga College

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