Don Vasco de Quiroga

March 14, 2018 - Wednesday, 4th Week of Lent – Don Vasco De Quiroga (1Isaiah 49:815; John 5:17-30)

The love of God our Father for us is clear and present in the redemption of Jesus Christ. There are two words that come to mind as I reflect on the readings we just heard today: one is Restoration and the other Resurrection, and these two words can be summarized into one: Redemption. When we speak of restoration, let’s say you want to restore a piece of art, you want to restore it to its original beauty. But when we speak of Resurrection, we speak about overcoming death, the triumph of Christ Jesus over darkness and death, and his loving invitation for us to have new life. So, Resurrection not only restores the original beauty in which God created us, but it gives us back our ultimate beauty in the new life we share in Christ, and that is Redemption. Redemption is Restoration and Resurrection at the same time. We are reminded of this great act of love as we celebrate this Lenten season. Jesus shows us the great love of the Father in his Passion and Resurrection. The Redemption of Jesus is a pure act of love for us his children.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and

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Quiroga College strengthens ties with the Hispanic communit

Last September 24th, the UVAQ in Morelia was visited by Alex Acevedo, President of Y.P. Mobile C.A.R.E. Foundation and President of Young Achievers of Pilsen; Flavio González, Advisor Representative Eddie Acevedo Illinois; and Mr. Renato Beltrán, member of the Club of Migrants of Villa Morelos, Michoacán, in Chicago. They visited the Radio Station, the Media Center, the Medicine Center, and enjoyed a typical lunch from Michoacán, prepared by Gastronomy students and teachers.

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