Quiroga College arrives in Waukegan

Sign agreement to teach completely in Spanish in "HACES".

The pilot plan will begin this fall with the Child's Associate in Family and Early Childhood Science. About 400 providers who provide childcare in their homes would be the direct beneficiaries.


Quiroga College and the "Hispanic American Community Education and Services" signed a collaboration agreement to establish a plan to implement a process to provide a program focused on the needs of the Spanish-speaking community in the County of Lake, emphasizing the Waukegan area.

Both institutions agreed that there is an area of community need that can be attended by Quiroga College: The Child's Associate in Family Sciences and Early childhood Education.

The Collaboration agreement was signed by Maria Elena Jonas, executive director of The HACES; Nancy Kravcisn, member of the Board of Directors of HACES; Michelle Chávez, member of the Board of Quiroga College; and Gloria Quiroz, Executive Director of Quiroga College.

Timely Arrival

In the communities of Waukegan, Zion, North Chicago and Mundelein there are more than 367 state-licensed home child care providers: Women who provide early care and education to at least 2.936 children aged 0 to 5 years. Most of the annual income of the child care provider at home is estimated between $65.000 and $80.000, and because they are working within the child welfare system they are forced to invest in a solid and continuous education.

For These women To obtain the Illinois State license, they must have a minimum of 30 hours of training, including First Aid and Cardiovascular Resuscitation (CPR). They are Also required to improve their knowledge and work to obtain their Child Development Partners (ChildDevelopmentAssociatesCredential, CDA) Credential from the Council for Professional recognition. ( These partners should be renewed every 3 years.

To Obtain your CDA credential, you must complete a number of requirements and one of them is critical to achieving a Level 1 qualification: Get an Associate in Family Science and Early childhood Education.

For years these family mothers who make their living by taking care of children in their homes have tried to get their Associate's degree, but they have not been able because they do not master English well and that career is only offered in that language in Lake County's Communion College. That is Why this agreement to ensure the presence of Quiroga College in Waukegan is an extraordinary opportunity for these workers.

College Tailored

Quiroga College is a private, non-profit Catholic college based in Chicago founded in October 2013 by the Basque University of Quiroga (UVAQ), a private Catholic university headquartered in Morelia, Mexico.

The Illinois Board of Higher Education, at its regular meeting on August 2, 2018, granted the authorization to Quiroga College to grant the following in the Chicago region:

-Associate in Applied Sciences in Business

-Associate in Applied Science in Culinary Arts

-Associate in Family Applied Sciences and Early childhood Education

This authorization is based on the information provided in the Applications for the Degree Authority and on other supplementary information that may have been provided as part of the application. Authorizations are granted under the authority delegated to the Illinois Board of Higher Education under "ThePrivateCollegeAct" (110 ILCS 1005). "TheAcademicDegreeAct" (110 ILCS 1010).

Verified Service of HACES

Founded in 2005 and recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals, The Hispanic American Community Education and Services has served more than 17.000 people over the past five years, with an average increase of 40 % each year. The key to the success of HACES is due to the confidence that their clients place in their case manager and their satisfaction with the services they receive in HACES, so they have a great prestige in the Hispanic community.

It Is clear that it fulfills submission of providing experience and navigational support to immigrants and citizens to become informed and trained members of society. HACES provides essential support services in the areas of legalization, citizenship, information and connection to Community resources, health navigation and the development of parent leadership in schools to support early childhood students In the classroom.


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